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Just had my base timing advanced 2 degrees

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Just thought I'd report, though I really don't have a lot of info to offer. I was going to try to do before and after G-tech runs, only to find the road outside my neighborhood that I use for the purpose torn up for utility work. Conditions were about the worst imaginable: 100 degrees, super high humidity w/ heat index >110, very windy. Anyway, the procedure is quick and painless and you shouldn't get charged over $50 for it.

As for differences, I had to rely on the ol' butt dyno and haven't driven it a whole lot yet. Something DOES feel different, but it's hard to describe; it is subtle. There does seem to be a bit more in the low-mid rpm range and I haven't driven it hard yet. Only took it to redline once.

I have to admit, I don't know much about the concept behind this adjustment. Can someone explain how it works and what it's supposed to do? If I can feel something down low, it shouldn't take away anything in the top end, right?
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Gentlemen, please just let it go. I've learned things from all of you, and disagreed with all of you at other times. But there's really no need for a flamewar here. It's just too easy to misinterpret someone's intentions when you're reading their comments online. Dawn was right...
Once again, since it seems that all is said and done now...

Boy do I hate it when the seasons change.

Big Group Hug

I am locking this cuz I dont want to read any more.
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