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Just getting started

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Hi all,
Lost my 2010 completely stock but gorgeous FX35 in Hurricane Ida. I bounced back and found myself a gorgeous 2008 Obsidian Black FX35 with 52k miles on it!!!! I fell in love with this car fresh out of college this was the body style I always wanted! Now it’s time to do some work... just had tints added and I’m replacing the dashboard this Friday, very pumped. I’ve ordered the Motordyne 5/16th ISO Thermal plenum spacer and complete Stillen Intake and Z-tube. I just wanted to get my feet wet and say hi to the community. I had one question for the Stereo has anyone installed the Tesla touch screen yet I see a ton of these kits popping up on ebay. Currently just using a bovee Bluetooth connector. One phone call and I have to uninstall and reinstall the adapter to hear music. Would love to hear some feedback if these screens are worth it?
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Welcome to the Org Gary. For the Tesla screen, there is a long thread with tons of info. Just search for "Tesla Style Nav" and you will find it. I have been following the thread and the results seem to be mixed. Are you replacing the dash with a new oem dashboard? If so, check out my gallery photos of the re and re that I did with mine. I have been meaning to do a write up but haven't had the chance yet.
Thanks, I didnt see the other forum until after I asked. So I attached some before and after pictures. So happy with the decision. We found one in d#mn near brand new condition in a Salvage yard in a Connecticut. So happy I went with a full replacement because I dont think with the state of the original dash that the adhesive for a coverlay would of held for all that long. I forgot to mention when I purchased the car there was already a brown coverlay dash cover on the dash, but it was badly applied and the glue was drying out as seen in pictures below.


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I am very happy with my oem replacement dash. It looks like new inside the vehicle. Expensive, but worth it to me.
I am very happy with my oem replacement dash. It looks like new inside the vehicle. Expensive, but worth it to me.
I totally agree
  1. OEM Dash Installed
  2. Stillen CAI W/ Ztube installed
  3. Motordyne 5/16 ISO Thermal Plenum Spacer Installed.
  4. Saikouw Oil Catch Installed
  5. Ordered Testla Style Radio
What’s next ?
I’m looking to work on suspension and handling. Anyone know where I can purchase a Stillen or G-Spec front strut bar?
I am struggling to choose to remove the stock Exhaust, since I love the sound it makes. I was wondering if anyone has been able to keep the stock sound with any combination of header or high flow cats? Is there a exhaust out there that creates a similar sound ?

my goal is to maximize HP without Forced induction. Keep the luxury style but upgrade it as much as I can.
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