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just bought 20 inches

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hey everyone

i just bought 4 20 inches for the fx. i was just wondering should i bring it to a local dealer to have the installation done or can i bring it to a public dealer near my house.

I would prefer going to a public dealer since it is closer to my house.

here's a link:

I would really want to hear some reccomendation or consequences i might suffer if i don't go to my infiniti dealer for the tire installations.

P.s all wheels must be balance if i am going to have it install.

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If you got the tires already mounted on the rims from the dealer then they should already be balanced. One way to check is to look on the inner lip of the rim and you should see little weights attached.
If they are balanced I would just put the rims on myself. Torque the rims to 80 lbs./ft and you should be good to go. Also check the tire pressure.
But if all that seems like a PITA then get it done at a shop.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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