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Installed my AAI-NIS interface that allows me to tap into the SAT port on the radio head unit to feed output from my iPod. It was a saga lengthened by my own mistakes and haste. The install is a very simple matter (when you have access to this wonderful site and the pictures, advice and experience of its members. When you are "flying blind" and have really big finger like me, you can break items that take you lots of time and exasperation to repair.

In any case, I now have my iPod installed, love the sound I get through the SAT port, don't interfere with my kids watching their movies in the back, and can't wait for my next project. Also in the pic is my Motorola 720 HF full install kit. Ran a microphone and Wilson Stealth antenna up to the RV mirror, and put the speaker in the passenger footwell. (didn't want to run through the stereo) decided against BT kits, since they still are not that great, and the phone selections are ridiculous, and I already had this from my last SUV. Anyway, it was easy as well, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or post the question.


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