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I just got mine in today and i have read the instructions. Seems to be very confusing and me might need some help with the set up. Anyone willing to tell what to do systematically.

Also what does this means(found this on post called Cargo cover with pics)= The cover really rattled a lot when we drove so my husband added some extra felt to quiet the rattle. What felt???

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The small piece that attaches to the hatch itself under the window (the piece with the orange sticker on it) there is a piece of felt on it from the factory. When the cargo cover is closed, the hatch piece lays on top of it.
Well on ours, that felt piece did not match up and the cargo cover was knocking with the hatch piece. So, on the hatch piece he added 2 more strips of black felt (we had at the house) with double sided tape.
The worst part is putting up the hatch piece. Kind of a weird way of doing with cheap plastic clips.

1. pop out the 2 grommets from the hatch and replace with the new ones. Easiest part.
2. remove 2 old clips on the hatch. Worst part. they were the hardest to get out and it looked horrible with them removed. But the new pieces cover up the rough edges.
3. the hatch piece was easier to put together sitting inside the trunk area and have someone hold the door so it does not close all the way.
4. the cover part: remove side covers and pop in cargo cover like a pull down shade or shower rod, one side then the other.

right under the orange sticker there is a small black "felt" rectangle...

Im not a very good teacher. Good Luck
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