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Infiniti suits not too hot for NISMO

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Apparently the suits from Infiniti marketing aren't too thrilled about the prospect of NISMO offering parts for Infiniti line . ****, who knew they even had a marketing arm :roll: . The implication being marque's upscale status that-in their view-doesn't blend well with balls-out go-fast hardware NISMO engineers for Nissans in JDM. They seem to be saying that if you feel like tweaking your VQ to pump 400-plus HP, you should go out and buy a plebian 350Z instead. NISMO actually has an ECU that pumps the power to an easy 300-plus HP when coupled with sports exhaust. I've seen pics of JDM Skyline that'd been thru NISMO shop and aside from new wheels and faux suede buckets it looked identical to what's shipped here. So go figure.
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