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Hello guys
I'm new owner of Infiniti FX37S, I'm from Indonesia.
Recently I bought used Infiniti FX37S 2012/2013 European Spec Right Hand Drive (all Indonesia Infiniti FX37S is European Spec)
The car now have 54.000 KM / 33.534 Miles. The car is lowered with eibach lowering spring and using vossen 22inch wheel.
Drive a few days then suddenly I hear loud clunking noise from front right side. Take it to mechanic shop then they inspect my inner CV axle got problem, then they tear it down and found that the tripod join is damaged (I will put the picture in this post). Then I try to source the item at internet and found at amazon Febest Inner join right with the tripod bearing set.
After I replace the Febest part, just drove out from the mechanic shop, then the same thing happen, loud clunking noise again from the right side. Take back to the mechanic shop, they take down the whole right cv axle, the same thing happen, the tripod bearing is damaged and destroy the inner CV boot.
Then I order the whole front right cv axle matching the original part number 39100-1CA0A from bestautopart US. After 15 days they part arrived. The part brand is TrakMotive with part number NI-8575.
When Installing the whole Trakmotive front right CV axle, the mechanic said that the shaft is too short, it stretch the inner cv boot too much and the mechanic afraid that the CV axle might pop out and destroy the tripod bearing again.
My question is how could this happen? anybody have this problem before? The Trakmotive Cv axle is exactly the same length as the original cv axle, I measure it before the mechanic put the part in ( I will show the comparison picture)
Is it my transmission mount, engine mount or other undercarriage damage can cause this problem? My mechanic said that maybe transmission or engine mount was damaged.
Can transmission mount or engine mount cause the CV axle to pop out?
I'm really frustrated, I want to order the original Infiniti whole CV axle but I'm afraid the same
thing will happen and It will cost alot.

This is the first time taken out from the car, damaged tripod bearing

It suppose to have the bearing here but its been destroyed.
It damage the inner CV boot and the housing

Screenshot_20201111-234357_Amazon Shopping.jpg
This is the Febest part that I ordered

This is the comparison between original CV axle(TOP) and Trakmotive cv axle(Bottom)


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