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Hi everyone!

I am new to the forum and just wanted some advice. So, I am 19 years old and looking to buy myself a used 2005-2008 FX35 in the coming year and wanted to get some opinions/suggestions.
1. Is this a good car for a relatively new driver (I have been driving for 3 years but do feel pretty confident behind the wheel)?
2. Considering the year of the car, I am expecting to be looking in the 100k-120k range in terms of mileage. How well do the fx35's hold up after 100k miles? Are they expensive to maintain? Any frequent issues?
3. What would you say is a reasonable price for 05-08 fx35 with upwards of a 100k miles (assuming everything is in good condition, no dents or significant issues)?
4. Is auto insurance more expensive for the fx35 compared to a non-luxury car? I know my quote is going to be high as it is because I am young and located in an urban area.
5. Lastly, any specifics I should look for when viewing used 35's and things to check out before making a final decision?

Thank you!
I know it is a late reply but……

Honestly after recently purchasing an 06’ with 138k miles, I’ve realized how much this thing leaks. The mechanical aspects like the engine, transmission, etc are pretty solid and reliable. Its just the **** gaskets made for this car are its downfall. Expect to spend at least $2k to fix an oil leak. Aside from that, its fun, quick, and OK with gas mileage. It also looks fantastic for its age. The insurance shouldn’t be much of an issue since i’m paying the same as I previously did with my old truck (being around the same age as you). Though I would try getting a quote first from your insurance company. I recommend a 1st gen FX35 if you could get a good deal on one that isn't leaking like my did lol.
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