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2005 FX45 120K miles
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My 2004 FX45 with 115,000 miles is extremely solid and does not leak. I think the suspension in the FX35/45 is the same 2003-2008, but the engine changed after the Gen-1 period ended. I also thing the transmission got changed.

Who can tell me if the Gen-1 models are more reliable than Gen-2 and why if this is the case?

I love this car! I love the quality of the Gen-1 and after 15+ years so much of the materials are like new (bottom, top, inside, outside, etc) I just can't believe it. My only complaint is that the Gen-1 dash is known to bubble and crack. The leather is good, but also cracks over time. Fortunately, in my car, only the driver's seat seems affected.

My VK45DE engine is known for going 250,000+ miles; and there are no negative flags on the transmission that I know of; but the oil consumption is higher than I like. (See my thread on how to Seafoam your engine... and I'm hoping this will fix that problem. TBD)

Note: I think the 2006+ V-8 motors have timing chain GUIDE issues the GEN-1 motors don't seem to have, but I'm not sure about that. ...And to replace the timing chain is rather expensive. (If anyone can comment on this I'm all ears?)

In my car, with 115,000 miles, I also replaced a lot of the typical suspension components that wear out (hard rubber) and these suspension service repairs came to $2,000 in parts and $1,200 labor. However, this number includes $850 in new tires and $125 for an alignment. Note: I did not have do to this, but I didn't want to live with a overly stiff suspension due to hard rubber components that made the suspension "dance" over the bumps!

So now I'm good for another 100,000+ which I never see.

You might like to know, I paid $6,500 for my used "beater" and I feel lucky to have found an FX45 in Honolulu. Plus all used cars are up in value during these Covid times. What I also like is how quiet it is inside my FX and the Bose Stereo is really clear.

I also, did a full fluids change, and if you have read my other threads then you know I have done some upgrades to my car too. This includes adding Parking Sensors and a 4K Dash Cam. So I now have invested $11,000 in a 2004 FX45 and I still love it! However, for this amount of money you can find a 2010 QX, but I hear the reliability is better on GEN-1.

I do wish I had a more modern NAV system, but I don't know where the "break" in technology occurs? I.e., by 2015 did they finely get the electronics right? IDK.

You might like to know, I have owned all types of vehicles, including a Porsche Carerra Cabriolet, but at 64 I don't want to "step-down" into a sports car. Instead, I prefer to "step-up" into a Crossover sized vehicle and this FX45 rockets! That means I love the G-forces and I don't care about corning or traveling over 100MPH any more... never mind 150MPH.

What I love is the sound of the exhaust, the V8 torque, the the look of this FX45. What I would prefer if is the suspension was not so stiff. That said, If I were to change out the struts and shocks again I would find some other Nissan or Infiniti luxury sedan and see if I can use those components to make the ride softer.
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