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Hi everyone,

I wanted to spend a second explaining the image uploader available here on this forum. When you join the forum your default "quota" for the ammount of space you can take up is 1 meg, if you become a regular user this will be raised to 5 meg.

File size is limited to 125k with no resriction on physical size (pixel size).

To use the image uploader, when you are posting or replying to a topic you must click on the "Add an Attachment" button below the post text (after you have entered some text). Browse your Hard drive for the picture you wish to upload and then click the upload button. That's it. Your picture will be uploaded.

To manage your uploads you must view your profile (by clicking on your name in the forum. From there you can edit your images (ie delete old ones). If a post is deleted, or pruned, the associated image will be removed automatically.

Now, while this is a great feature for this forum IMO, I think it's still important for those with their own places to host images to continue to use the tag to post images. This will reduce the bandwidth required for this board to run making it faster. If you don't have a place to host your own pictures, then the image upload is for you!!! Use it and enjoy it.

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