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I'm getting a reputation!

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So, I'm sitting at the computer in the ID room at school this morning (my morning post before classes start). A couple of other teachers are milling around by the door and one of the assistant principals comes in and says he needs to speak with me. So I go outside, he asks me to come with him (the orther teachers raise an eyebrow and I start to get a little worried) and he says "Man, I kid you not, Dr. Schnieder (Superintendent of the school district; you know, THE head honcho) is on the phone and wants to speak with you (after eight years working in the district, I had seen him maybe four times {speaking engagements} and never met him). After a look of total surprise and a slight feeling of panic, I kind of grinned as I figured out what it was probably about and followed him to his office. He got on the phone, proceeded to tell Dr. Scheider that I was there and after litterally 8 or 9 "yes, sir"s, "will do, sir"s and "you too, sir"s, he hands the phone over. I say hello and Dr. Schnieder procedes to introduce himself and bring up that we apparently have a common interest (I found out from my service manager that he had bought a G35 sedan at my dealership a few months back). Anyway, I guess he was in there recently and was asking about simple modifications to get more horsepower, so they pointed him in my direction, knowing that I knew more about the subject than anyone there (I've told them to feel free to put anyone who's interested in mods in touch with me, since they aren't really into it). After they told him about me, he even knew of my FX and that I covered it every day. So there I am, sitting in the principal's office at the start of a busy school day shooting the **** about car stuff for a good 20 minutes with the head of the second largest school district in the state of TX, whom others in the trade practically fall at the feet of in worship (or fear), as if we were a couple of buds. He's 58, a car nut and still a kid at heart. He even had a Honda Del Sol before the G35, just like me. Anyway, I told him about a few things, pointed him to the forums, promised to e-mail him some info. and even offered to help him do the installs (he likes cars, but has no garage skills and I know the dealership would charge an arm and a leg). After that, we exchanged e-mail addresses, said have a nice day and that was that. On the way back, the other teachers were all like "what was that all about?" I was just like "Aw, you know, Rick and I go way back..." and grinned. Heh, too funny; most entertaining start of a work day I've ever had. :D
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esemes said:
wanna hook him up w/ my Z-tube??

Actually, yes. it's one of the mods I recommneded and mentioned that I knew someone looking to sell for less than you can order it new. I'll try to put him in touch with you.
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