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I just installed my Sirius radio kit I bought from Grubbs. :lol: :lol:

I've used an Audiovox FM-modulator system for the last couple of months and found I really liked Sirius but I hated the clutter. So, I ordered the OEM Sirius kit and did the install. It was quite straightforward. The antennae install took around 90 minutes; I installed it in the middle of the roof right in front of the hatch. The radio unit install took around an hour (I did it at a later time). I've done a lot of work on cars and a number of audio installs in the past; this one was one of the easiest that I've ever done. The install instructions are very solid. I'm also impresssed with the way Infiniti worries about rattles; the istructions lead you to do the install in a way that won't make rattles.

I also think the integration with the standard bose audio system is pretty good. You can mix and match presets for the different modes/bands. The only thing I miss from the Audiovox system is a directory of what's on each channel in a category.

If you are on the fence for a satellite radio install, I recommend that you do it!! :!: :!: :!:
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