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Perfect! It works. My best guess for the text lines with the pictures:

Photo 1. Remove the battery cover and locate the 2 front fuse boxes;

Photo 2. Remove both fuse box covers;

Photo 3. From the rightmost fuse box remove the ACC relay (assuming you don't have Adaptive Cruise Control installed);

Photo 4. Create one of these cables, red, about 2 inches long, standard male connectors on both sides;

Photo 5. In the rightmost fuse box, in the socket where the ACC relay was seated bridge the top connections withe the cable created in Photo 4;

Photo 6. Create 4 more cables, about 6 inches long. 2 in red, with a normal male connector on one side, and a smaller male connector (approx. half the width of the standard, otherwise it will not fit in the relay socket!) to the other side. The other 2 cables (in a different color) need to be created with a standard male connector on one side, and a standard female on the other.
Connect them as shown on the picture! All red cables connect into the relay socket in the rightmost fuse box, the other 2 connect to the DTRL socket in the leftmost fuse box. Connect all wires as displayed into the relay you pulled in photo 3

Photo 7. Replace the fuse box- and battery cover, and you'll be set and done.

Have fun, Regards, Rob.
61 - 64 of 64 Posts