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Check out this link, then read below:

Map Lamp Mirror
Auto-dimming mirror containing vehicle interior lighting. Our mirrors are the first to use LEDs, which when compared to incandescents, last longer, burn cooler and have easier-to-control lighting patterns.
So I was just browsing through one of the magazines which my school library has on its shelves and came across the supplier for our rear view mirror (the autodimming, homelink, compass mirror.)

Gentex is the supplier and they have the mirror above which has the interior ambient LEDs built into the mirror. Apparently you can set it to turn on when it is dim in the car. Sweet yes?

Anyways I emailed them asking how much and stuff and get this... $449.00 MSRP! That's right! 4 big ones and change! And you have to get it installed by someone they refer you to otherwise no warranty.

I wanted one at first, was going to sell my stock one (maybe a g35er or 350zer would want it for the homelink and autodimming) and then switch up. No way i'm going to spend that much though!

Wanted to post it up as a neat link. I thought it was pretty cool.

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