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hitch post

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okay, not that type of hitch post........

show me what the fx looks like with a tow hitch???? is the oem model (assuming there is one) a class ii or????

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I have the OEM hitch on mine and I just ran outside and took a look.

It appears they did trim some plastic to install the hitch. The area trimmed is on the inner edge of the plastic bumper where it wraps under the rear. It's a farily large area that has been cut out (notched is more like it) - although you would never see it unless you are 3" tall and really looking hard for it. :roll: The hitch covers it up anyway. I can post a pic tonight if anyone's curious.
If you removed the hitch it would still be hard to see the trimmed area - but make no mistake, you would see it if you looked closely. The "notch" is around 8" wide and maybe 3" deep. I'm guessing they are just letting you know what's involved so that you don't blow your top when you find out. :shock: It would only take about a minute to trim it so it's not a labor/cost issue.

I'll measure and post pics tonight.
Here are the pics as promised.

And yeah, you can guess what I'm doing this weekend -- washing the car. Ick!

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dmtalon said:
I was going to have them install it, but the longer we have it (the car) the less I want others touching it :)
While I feel the same way, I guess I'd prefer the dealer to do something as unglamorous as a hitch install. Besides, if they screw up the electrical, structure or bumper, then they will have to replace it (not very comforting but...).
Mine had everything included. The post and ball were tucked away in one of the compartments underneath the cargo cover.
I don't think the ball was attached on mine. I believe it was wrapped in a protective foam cloth (but it's been a while and my memory is often faulty). I think the balls range in price from around $10 to $20, depending on whether it is class I or II. Good luck!
Here's what came with my OEM hitch:


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