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who wants to make their car a complete lighthouse??

i wanna get some more info on the hb4(?) ds2 conversion HID kits (see em on ebay all the time)

i have also seen severl 9006 HID bulbs, that are plug and play into a HID setup...

we'll need: (please advise)

1) 9006 compliant bulbs
2) ignitors to power the system
3) ballasts to plug into the bulbs
4) a way to power it all (not sure if the hotwire on the fogs is enough, but they do use 20W LESS than oem!!
5) a place to mount the ignitor boxes.... (shouldnt be hard...)

anyone have any experience with this??

9006 HID bulbs...... (plug-n-play, once all else is in place)

this is what i think we need, in its entirety......



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this is a mod i really really want to do, i have changed my bulbs to yellow ion, but in the process had issues with one of the bulbs blowing up and now i need a new fixture completely, anyway once i have the $$$ to get the Fixture and an hid kit i am going to do this!!!
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