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Hey folks - looking forward to learning and sharing among other “disciples” of the legendary FX. Check out my Profile for my full story, and details on my current 2011 FX35 RWD - it’s my fourth FX35 and I loved ‘em all! I’ve owned over 150 vehicles of all types through the decades, raced a bulletproof 510 in SCCA occasionally many years ago, big time racing fan, and dedicated Infiniti/Nissan fan.

I‘ve owned this FX since late 2018 - flawless Florida virgin with super low miles. Finally sourced, bought and installed the paint-matched, four piece factory Aero Kit, did a rim exchange for chromed OEM 18’s and added Michelin’s best - for roadability. I’m looking into maybe dropping it a bit...

Did a resonator delete, had a local exhaust guru build a Catback-like setup, installed a Chip Your Car - Level 2 Performance Chip, cold air from K&N, and some tuning. I love the way it looks, and runs (great), and my eyes are open for the next upgrades.


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