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hello on the forums

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just saying hi, and well, its very nice to see a fx only forums , very unique, and what i can tell very informative. keep up the great ::D work.

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Welcome to the club :D

Is yours lowered?
Sweet Fx said:
Welcome to the club :D

Is yours lowered?
soon.. :wink:
i heard rumors that the supra was coming back....any truth to that?
MKV???.... yeah, supposedly Toyota plans to release the New Supra prolly with a n/a V8, the same one in the tundra i believe....
I think it called the 3UZ-FE.... or maybe that is for the 4.0L V8.... and theoretically will cost around $80,000 and be sold in an optional supercar model with a V12...... It will prolly be expected to be released at the same time the new Skyline GT-R is released in 2006..... These facts are from small sources and aren't 100% confirmed....

-Alex B.
Ahh, that would make sense (not)

Bring the car back out super expensive which is why it stopped selling in the first place. It was too expensive for the market it hit.
Welcome to the club, any major plans on modding your FX?

Welcome to though i'm new as well, i can tell you this much. everyone here is just great, friendly and extremely helpful. you couldn't ask for a better place to call home for owners of a FX.
well hopefully i will stop working on the other cars and start doing some minor things here and there on the fx. but like i said i cant stop sinking money to the other cars since they are a money pit but i love it. shortly what i wanted to do is try the H&R's springs since i have expirience with them on both my other cars and they are very good. but its still under warranty and i dont want to do too much for now, my wife supports me since she drives the black car :D so she knows about her cars.

about the new supra..... well all i can say is i have to see it to believe it, there soo much rumors its getting stupid, and where do all these people come up with this $hit i dont know.when it comes out, ill check it out,until then ill still enjoy my cars. :D

:D thanks again people.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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