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Hello everyone. Can anybody help me with the following problem?
2 months ago I bought Infiniti FX50s and after the deal I changed all liquids: engine oil, transmission, coolant etc. 1 month later I cleaned the throttle valves and after assembly I noticed some gurgling sound in the dashboard when I rev up the engine. Yes usually such kind of sound means that you have an air in the cooling system and this air flows together with coolant in the heater. So I decided to look for a leakage of coolant but there were no any markers of leakage - Coolant was at the same level in reservoir. I tried to make the leakage test and apply additional pressure to the system - everything was OK, I haven't seen any decreasing of pressure on manometer and I've not seen any leakage.
I had a blown head gasket on my second car (Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero 4) and yes at that moment I had the gurgling sound in the dash and key issue was increasing of coolant level in the reservoir. But I can't see that the coolant level is increased after the ride on my Infiniti.
I've re-read the FSM several times on how to refill the coolant but looks like instruction there is useless because - I'm from Russia and on Russian market as well as on the European one - Infiniti has another cooling system: the reservoir type is circulating and we have cap with valves on reservoir instead of the one on water inlet. The pressure is different too - 88kPa instead of 137kPa.

I've tried to go to the hill to make 45 degrees coner and rev up engine there, I've tried to lift up the reservoir and open the cap to totally avoid the pressure and let the air go out of the system - but looks like everything is useless.
Does anybody has the same behavior ? Can something else make the gurgling sound in the car e.g brakes system or something else?
I should say again that I can't see the increasing or decreasing of coolant level. Engine temperature is normal - I can't see any increasing of temp on the dash and I measured it in alternative way - everything is OK. I can notice the opening of thermostat cause I touch the hoses of radiator and they are cold on the start and hot after the ride...

~ 950 KM passed since the change of the coolant...

Steps to hear the sound:
  • warm up the engine
  • turn on the fan and the heater and run engine on idle run for 1 minute
  • turn off the heater and all climate control using "Off" button
  • rev up the engine up to 2500 - 3000 RPMs.
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