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Great problem, helps for NAV in EUROPE

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My first post, greetings to all. Buy a FX35 that is a fantastic car and it concerns it to Madrid Spain but my great problem that not like fixing the NAV so that it works in Europe, Would be enough with reprogramar it with a DVD? Law that there is I modulate adapter, podrian to help me? Also my problem is the lights of intermittent in Spain are of colour yellow and in my car they are red. I want to concern 2 cars but for my brother and a friend whom to them the car enchants. I feel that my Ingles is so bad.
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can you tell me what the link in your post is for? I see what they have done but I do not understand German very well yet. Are they offering software to have the navigation work in Europe?
I do not understand well the message sit(feel) it you can repeat it for q the translator does not understand it and I turn(become) madman.

Thank you

Look at this link for a solution: ... 4220#74220
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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