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Good to be back home...and drivin' my FX

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Headed out to NH this week, landing in Boston and driving about 400 miles these last couple of days. My rental was a Mercury Grand Marquis...which was like driving a boat, but it could have been worse.

I can't find the words to explain how GREAT it felt to be back home and driving my FX last night. The feel of the seats, the smell of the leather, the tight responsive steering, the firm suspension...and yes, even the sound from that Bose sound system :)

Moral of the story...if for some odd reason the excitement of driving your FX begins to wear off, go drive another car for a day and when you get back in your FX, the excitement will come rushing back!!!

BTW, I only saw three FXs during those 400 miles, and the three I saw were all within one mile of each other in Portsmouth, NH.
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Lucky Dog!...I've been away from my, family for nearly three weeks now, and was supposed to fly home tomorrow morning, but have to stay longer. Been stuck with an Olds Alero for a rental...complete Piece O' Crap. :cry:
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