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Getting code P1140

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Here is what I am getting from Launch Scanner. I want to make sure this is the part the Scanner is telling me the issue is?

Please view pictures for launch Report and Intake Valve Timing Control Solenoid Valve I want to take out and clean.

I want to clean it with Gunk Brake cleaner "Non Chlorinated" covering the O Ring so it does not dry up. Then opening up the valve connecting it to the battery cleaning the valve while open, the spraying the valve with some Air cleaner spray while it is open so it can dry completely inside the open valves and then dry the outside of the Solenoid.

After that I will clean the Electronic Connection plug male and female with some WD40 Specialist contact cleaner for Electronic, safe on plastics and metals.

Can someone confirm I am doing this correctly? and this is the part I need to at least try and clean before replacing, because my oil was very dirty and I did not change it in a while because I barely drove the truck on 2.5 years, maybe 1k miles? Still oil was dirty. My truck sometimes sits for months at a time without driving because I have other cars and trying to Preserve the 2003 FX45 as much as I can. It will be my Sons Classic one day? I hope. Soon our grandkids won't know what a roaring engine is.

Thanks for your help


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This has been Pretty dead lately? You used to get an answer or an opinion in like half hour. I hope this forum isn't dying 😢 I like this place.
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