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I'm going on vacation Sunday and returning the following Sunday. I *should* have at the very least, limited internet access. My brother-in-law will be staying at the house, and I am leaving him instructions on how to 'check' the server each day and reboot if necessary.

The server *should* be fairly self recoverable since all data directories are on ext3 (journaling file system). However you know how murphy's law is.

If something bad happens, I won't be able to do much about it, so this is an FYI!!

oh, and if you *must* know, I'll be in Key West :)

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enjoy DM

im sure you will!!


ps- can you give me admin access for the to me while you are away???

just to ensure all will stay okay, in the event of any malacious action...

you can always change my status back also.... (dont want you to think i am trying to get admin status full-time)

enjoy the trip

pss- [col*or = green] supporting member [ / c*olor] would make a neat look for the supporting members (asterix for decoding purposes)
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