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FX45's are slow selling: (yes, I have resorted to trolling other forums for valuable info)

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Re: If Infiniti wants to sell more FX 45's it should
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They should put unique feature on the 45. Perhaps different 22 inch wheels, better suspension, Brembo brakes. Unique seat color and higher quality interior as well. And put a cool prefix to the name Like Bmw does with its \\\M versions and Mercedes does with is AMG models. They could use the designation on the manual G35 as well.

Most people aren't going to pay all that money for the extra horsepower and torque alone. I only bought the FX45 because they were so heavily discounted that I was paying practically FX35 price for my 45.


Your assessment is correct. The sales of FX45s has dropped off dramatically. The close out of them year became a decision of whether to sit on them and hope someone comes along and buys them or that the loss and get them out of inventory.

The FX45 problem is exacerbated with the QX56 intro a a price point that is almost identical. Even though they appeal to different buyers the FX45 buyer is taking a hard look at the QX56 because of the extra room and the big V-8.

I think we will see Infiniti making some changes. Also do a search and see how many 2004 FX45s are out there. Not very many! Dealers are just not ordering them.
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