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FX Theft

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Does anyone know if the Infiniti FX has a high theft rate?
Anyone experience theft?
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zigzag5555 said:
Anyone experience theft?
My insurance company labels the '45 as a "Symbol 21" and is therefore robbing me blind; does that count? :(
CDR said:
What does "Symbol 21" signify?
I don't know- but I think the max is something like 25. All I know is it's costing me $4800/yr in insurance.
esemes said:
have [you] yet reached the "over 29" discount club?
They don't give discounts for over 29 in Cali, I don't think. I'm gonna be 40 this year, and I have two tickets, but according to a recent L.A. Times article, what's killing me is that I live in L.A.- most of my comprehensive premium is 'cause of that.

I found a company I think I'm going to start with soon- I go down to "only" $3500/yr, but I'm not sure if the coverages are comparable yet.
ujmot said:
How bad were those speeding tickets?
Both were less than 25 over the limit (i.e., one point each). What really pisses me off is they were both radar tickets, and the CHP doesn't use radar in the cities, so I left the house w/o the detector, and for whatever reason, ended up in the sticks both times. I've never had a non-radar CHP ticket stick. They were recorded on my MA license (which I had 'till it expired in November 2002), but CA is in the DLC, so they ended up on my CA license when I got that one.

One drops off in August, the next one in January. Can't hardly wait.
CDR said:
Why not sign up for one of the local Defensive Driver education courses. They usually last about 8 hours (one afternoon) and significantly reduce your insurance premium for up to 3 years. The reduction can be up to 20%
I'll be damned- none of the companies have ever asked me if I'd taken one of these (usually in response to one of my pained "****, that's high- can I do anything about it?!" queries). Do you have any names I could start with?
CDR said:
According to the magazine and State Farm Insurance, they state that the theft rate on the FX is better than average and that its safety features result in a 20% discount when determining annual premium rates. So good news on that front.
Oh, I'm so being dicked, then!

Are people satisfied with their 20" Goodyear Eagle RSAs during the winter when the slush and snow arrives?
... "slush"?
... "snow"?
you might not wanna click this if you dug yourself out today :D
FromHereToInfiniti said:
It's just talking about the 90-degree heat wave we're having here in SoCal. I love it hot- the hotter, the better!
CDR said:
We've got snow and treacherous ice and you've got 90 degrees and sunshine.....and we're paying less than you for insurance on an FX?
Yeah- I call it the "happiness tax".
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