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FX Theft

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Does anyone know if the Infiniti FX has a high theft rate?
Anyone experience theft?
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kcrudup said:
CDR said:
What does "Symbol 21" signify?
I don't know- but I think the max is something like 25. All I know is it's costing me $4800/yr in insurance.

thasa whole lotta jingle brother....!!!!

curious--- have yet reached the "over 29" discount club??

i respect your right to decline comment.....

ujmot said:
Heat I can handle... it's the humidity that kills me. God I hate livin in NY!
there's a house up the street from me for sale........

no state income tax here, or emissions or inspections.......

(people drive dune-buggies everywhere)
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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