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There stock exhaust system is in a single word, boring. There's an incredible engine in the FX50S with a stunning exhaust note that is currently hidden away, hiding valuable character, presence and power. Time to unleash the beast, but whilst maintaining comfort and class.

The stock system was removed leaving only catalytic converters in place. This does away with both resonators, which typically would have equated to drone in the cabin. So an X pipe configuration was selected in order to improve flow and exhaust scavenging, where the resonators would have otherwise been. The cross pipes then lead to a set of X-Force Varex high flow performance mufflers, which are fitted with an electronic valve that allows for either unimpeded straight through flow or silenced to quieter than stock volume via 6 active dampening chambers. Nice high quality chrome tips finished the job nicely.

Along with K&N Drop in filters and an AWD dyno tune power at the wheels is up to 205kW over the stock 172kW. I nice increase of around 40HP. Also, torque was effected, having noticeably more low end pull which positively effected acceleration and responsiveness.

But..... The sound! It sounds amazing! Best i've heard by far. A deep, pure throaty V8 note. But it still sounds composed, elegant and refined. With the FX down-shift rev matching the exhaust gives a naughty grunt and crackle, especially from 3rd to 2nd. Absolutely love it!
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