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I'm not sure why my listing in the for sale section disappeared, but here we go again,

Forgive the long read - trying to answer any questions that may come up

I have a 2003 in Liquid Copper with the brick/black interior.that I bought from the original owner in the Phoenix area in 2009.with 59,225 miles on it . I know that he was one of the very early (founding?) members on Odometer currently at 115,700, and it runs great! The original paint is in excellent condition, and the car has been in dry climates in Arizona and southern California, and has zero rust of any kind.

It has the Premium Package, but no nav/tech package (don't believe it was available until 2004?). Some of the tasteful mods from the original owner;

Technosquare ECU reflash - all kinds of fun nfo on this on the forum. (Original owner one of the first to do this)
Level 10 transmission valve body and torque converter - NEVER had a single issue with either of these mods over 11 years and 56k miles!
3.5" cat-back exhaust + Flowmaster muffler
2" Eibach springs - rides good and handles even better
Stillen STB
Built in radar detector
K&N filter and cold air mods
Piano black window trim
Roof rack
Factory Class 3 tow hitch - NEVER USED

Comes complete with the 3 factory keys (including valet key), 2 remotes, carpet floor mats, plastic cargo protector mat, cargo cover, original first aid kit, cargo net, original spare tire and tools, and near-new Pirelli Scorpion tires. New hood struts on the way. I just put on brand new brake pads front and rear a couple weeks ago, so maybe 50 miles on them. The rotors are in great shape, and were replaced during the last brake job. It has always been serviced either by myself, or a shop when needed, and I have a ton of documentation to support maintenance/repairs. No big repairs have been needed - just regular maintenance, a starter, belts, brakes ,tires, and minor bits and pieces. It passes California smog test just fine, with no "changes" needed.

Known issues are; I believe the right valve cover gasket is leaking some, but not positive. At times, leaves a drip or two when parked overnight. The other issues that I'm aware of is the fan blade has the typical cracks in it that they get, and the door locks work intermittently, The windshield washer level indicator is on., and isn't going out although it's full - worse case is the washer fluid level sensor (the windshield washers work fine), During my ownership, I have tried to address issues as they came up, and have honestly listed what I know of at this time. It's been well loved, and driven by a responsible adult, but it is a powerhouse, and a blast shifting manually!. No disrespect about the 35, but this is just a completely different beast. Drive each and decide for yourself. This is as an extra vehicle, hence the very low miles. I will add couple photos that were taken before detailing,

After 11 years, I have finally decided to part ways with it. I've tried to find a single Liquid Copper FX45 for sale, and haven't come across one anywhere in the country. Looking for a serious buyer, and not interested in any trades. At this point, I haven't posted it for sale anywhere else, but will be soon.

*This is really hard for me to put a price on, especially with the color combo, low miles, and only 2 west coast enthusiast owners over 17 years. Add to that, no comps found anywhere in U.S.. The 45's are disappearing, and clean,lower mileage are already very hard to find. It's a bit of a "unicorn", and I'm debating putting it up for auction on Bringatrailer. I absolutely welcome comparable vehicles listed for sale, and I want both parties to be comfortable with a deal. Please let me know if you are interested.

Located in San Diego area.

Thanks! - Kevin


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Might have some luck on the Infiniti FX/QX group on Facebook. Tends to see more traffic.

Good luck!
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