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freshly waxed

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after sunset


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Very Nice! Nothing better than a freshly waxed FX. Zymol Wax?

I have not seen such a reflection on Ivory. 8)

one more pic! :D


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very nice...lucky bum you don't have holes in your front bumper for the license plate frame.
Very nice!

Please post details on how you achieved it. I have an Ivory FX too and still waiting to give it it's first wash.
I really like WET look of the car after a good wax!!!! NICE :D :D

Which wax did you use?
I wouldn't have it under that fargin' tree- they harbor Attack Bomber Birds!
kcrudup said:
I wouldn't have it under that fargin' tree- they harbor Attack Bomber Birds!
not to mention the flower pedals and pollen all over the place!
Thanks guy for nice comments.........

The car was parked under those trees for picture taking only.....nice backdrop.........

I washed the car with Dawn and put just one coat of Meguiar's Gold Class Clear Coat Car Wax. I had Zaino ready but did not have time to do it.

There are two things important for car look/shine: the wax ofcourse and the digital darkroom :D

Yhe photos were taken just after the sunset so the sky was very bright at that time. Hence the nice reflection. Also a slight adjustment in pic histogram makes wonder!
I think this would look nice on your ride...I would get the wheels powder coated white...leave the infinity chrome emblem alone...
now that would look..I have seen this look on Porsche...they use to have a white package..this would look nice on the FX..
in PIA Black

It is looks awesome. That is my favorite color. :D
looks beautiful Kris.........

how much time we talkin??

well worth it, IMO

2 hrs of work..........
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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