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Hi. Learned a few things this weekend changing out my foglights. Thought it might be helpful for anyone else trying this swap.

1. There are several (3 on the 05 FX) "plunger" type clips that need to be removed before the front fender protector can be removed. They are constructed in two stages. There's a base ontop of which sits a round protrusion with 3 legs extending from the center.

The best way I found to remove this clip is to slide a flat screwdriver blade under the top protrusion, between two of the legs, and twist the screwdriver blade 180 degrees. This releases a plunger that goes into the base and under the bottom of the clip.. Once the pluger is released it in turn releases pressure from 4 legs underneath the clip that affix it to the rear fender protector. Once this happens the clip removes easily.

Trying to pry out the clip from under its base, or, the bottom of the clip, will break it. Trust me. I broke 2 before I learned my lesson.

2. At the end of the wires leading to the fog light bulb's base (post) is a connector. On my FX this connector is orange. The base of the fog light bulb has a notch at its rear that locks it in place to this connector. There is a lever inside the connector that slides over the notch at the base of the bulb and locks the connector in place.

At one end of this connector is a release lever. I assumed I needed to press down or in on this lever to release the connector. Wrong. The connector needs to be lifted up. Away from the bulb's base or post in order to release the bulb from the connector.

I found the easiest way to do this was to slide a thin flat blade screwdriver up into the base of the connector. Then to continue to press the screwdriver forward. This released the lever on the connector, over the bulb's locking post, and exerted forward pressure on the connector which in turn separeated the connector from the bulb's base.

3. The fit between the foglight bulbs and their housing is a tight one. I'd estimate I needed to twist 4 times harder to release them than either the turn signal bulbs or clearnce bulbs I've replaced so far.

I was really woried about snapping the posts but in the end this didn't happen.

4. The passenger side foglight is tucked behind the washer fluid reservoir and very difficult to get to. When installing the replacement bulb I found it easier to connect the connector and bulb together first, then twist the bulb in place rather than twisting and then trying to connect.

Hope this helps. Took me a lot longer to do this swap than it should have but learned some interesting things in the process.
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