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Hello all,
2006 FX35 AWD
Front: New Shocks/Struts, Sway bar links and Sway bar bushings. Driver side CV axle(had torn boot) still had front end noise
Clunking, bouncing metallic noise front of vehicle. Inside the vehicle sounded like something was loose just under the floorboard of drivers seat. Inside the vehicle sounded as if a bolt was not tight and hitting metal. Left or right turn clicking/clunking at speed under 20mph. Uneven roads, pothole, going up hill produced the noise on my vehicle.
Turn off vehicle.
Chocked rear wheels.
Jack up front of vehicle (just enough to have both tires off the ground.)
Used jack stands.
Under the driver side, I grabbed the exhaust pipe(with gloves) and shook, heard a sharp pop.. but not the clanging clunking noise.
Shook again and put my other hand on the mount jus below the transmission and felt strong vibration alone with sound of a metallic pop.
5 14mm bolts attached to a mount/brace just underneath the transmission.
(will attach pictures.)
I put a socket on all the bolts to tighten and only one was loose somehow.
Gave all 5 bolts a snug with a torque wrench to TIGHT.. I have no torque specs for this (mount?).
Shook exhaust again and no sharp pop.
Removed jack stands, lowered vehicle. And drove 5 miles(windows down) no popping clicking banging metallic noise anymore.
-stopped home to check underneath and went another 20 miles round trip no noise. Who would’ve thought.


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