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First FX in England...Well, almost!

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I was searching round the internet and came across this FX45 for sale in Berkshire, England. I think its the first one so thought, perfect, ill email him and go and have a look at it. However, i was told that it is still in America (see pics) and is already sold so i cant! Man, all i wanna do is look at the thing!! ... 267&sold=0

They also claim to have an FX limo but cant find it on their site!
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WOW thats $72,320 U.S. Does that include VAT tax, shipping and the Queens permission. :shock:
Nope, i dont think it does as sumwhere it says "imports are subject to vat and sva testing! it includes shipping, but on top of the £39,500 you probly have to add 10% duty so that'll be £43,450. Then 17.5% of that figure which will be about £50,000 or approx $90,000, and thats not even road legal stage yet! crazy huh?
after my calculations, i figure i can import one fully road legal, with fully loaded spec for about £40,000 or $72,000. Still expensive, but its gotta be worth it when you consider a new BMW X5 4.6V8 is £60,000 (approx $108,000)
The size of FX would work well in the UK.During my last visit to London the largest SUV I saw was a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
However with petrol at $5-6 USD per gallon :shock: , would there be a market? I did see 1 Cayenne Turbo in Scotland so some must be well off. Rick
Yeah, i think it would be in much demand if more people knew bout it! Where i live, all you ever see is 'lifestyle' suv's such as BMW X5, range rover etc. Lexus is doing very well here.
Petrol is getting really expensive but the mpg of the FX cant be that far off the competition, especially on the 35. Anyone know (realisticaly) wat the average is?
The thing that annoys me is why we have to pay almost double wat u do to buy a car in the first place. A prime example: Mercedes SL55AMG cost in America $100,000, cost in UK £100,000!!
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