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I have a 2006 FX45 from new (my second to previous 2004 FX45).
I have always experienced very poor thread life. I do not drive it hard or try to leave rubber on turns or stops/starts.
My replacement Yokohama was noisy and had a poor lifespan. I was told it showed feathering.
I replaced it with Hankook which gave no better life and worse handling. Both required replacement before 20,000 miles. Again feathering was noted (by different shops). I recently bought the new Michelin LTX Premiere and with 5000 miles it already displays feathering.
I have wheel alignment done at each purchase and tested recently. Each time it was well in spec. My mechanic ( a speed shop) and the alignment shop are stumped.
Does anyone have any ideas where to investigate next as I would hate to ruin these new rubbers.
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