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Since I finally bought an FX 35 and hopefully get it to Germany within the next 4 weeks, I would like to find out, how many european FX owners are on this board.

May be we can help each other and/or meet somewhere?!?!

So I am gonna start:

I am from Hamm, near Dortmund.

Where are you guys from?

Denmark here.
hello RON1
fez-vous toujours votre Infiniti ? en êtes-vous satisfait ? combien de kilomètres parcourus ?

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Hello Patrick!

As you may have noticed, most members here are English speaking. If possible, you might want to try posting your questions in English. I tried to do a Google Translate, but for some reason I didn't get the option when I highlighted your text... My French is TERRIBLE, so unfortunately you'll probably need someone whose French is better, to come along and help you out!
121 - 124 of 124 Posts