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Esemes (Motorcycles, AMA, Wera etc...)

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Have you raced in any local bike races? How about trackdays? I was / am hoping to race in Wera next season (not in2004). My *goal* is to buy an '04 GSXR 600 and ride it this year on the street, then convert it over next winter.

Right now I've got a '97 F3 that I've put about 25k miles on :)

Here's a few HUGE pictures of me at Putnam park in Indianapolis, IN

FYI: these pictures are about 165k each, and were before my CLASS motorcycle school where i learned to position the top half of my body much better!

Really, I wasn't looking at the camera <grin>

Looking through the turn!

Can you say Lack of ground clearance?
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nice imagery DM

i havent done any CC competition, nor trackdays.... it was my intention to get into that this coming year (bikes ready, for sure) but due to my back problems, i wont be able to swing it....

the 2004 gsxr 600 is touted as the best 600 ever devised, and its not even out.tested yet. on my site there's a link to the MCN review (coming out today?) on the lil gixx.....

i think your approach sounds logical and fun-filled though!

you MUST join my site if/when the gsxr arrives (heck, even if it doesnt arrive, we;d like to have ya!)

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