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Dtc - p1145

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I recently got a CEL in my '03 fx45 and error code is P1145. I searched the net and they say its a cam sensor (driver side). People say it can be the sensor or the solenoid and suggest swapping the driver side with the pass side and see if the code changes to the other sensor. My question is, does someone have pics of where these sensors are located?
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I figured out where the sensor is located and how to replace it. I took some pics in case others need it.

First you need to remove the large plastic ram air thing that leads to the airbox.
Then at the bottom-back-left of the air box is where the sensor is near (have it circled in the first pic). Pull a wire loom out of the way and you have full access to the sensor.
Undo one 10mm bolt and it will pull out.
To remove the wire harness, you need to squeeze it with pliers (plenty of youtube videos showing nissan cam sensor removal). Do the reverse to install the new sensor and your good to go.


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Well, after having cleared the CE light and driving around, the light eventually came back with the same code. I did more research and it looks like i replaced the wrong sensor, DOH. The sensor I replaced is the cam position sensor (PHASE), theres only one of those as far as I could find. The sensor I should have replaced (intake valve timing control) is at the top of the motor and there are indeed two. Attached is a diagram of the sensors and which sensor throws which error code. The passenger side sensor throws a P1145 when bad and the drivers side throws P1140. Ive swapped the sensors and am driving the car in anticipation of now getting a P1140 error. Once that happens, Ill replace it with a new sensor and all should be happy. Lastly, it looks like the nissan part number for this is 23731-2Y52. If by some chance, the CEL comes back and is P1145 still, then I will look to replace the solenoid on the passenger side instead of the sensor.


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Quick update, after 50miles of driving around, the CEL finally came back on. This time it threw a P1140 which is what I was hoping for since I moved the bad sensor to the drivers side. Now I can order the part and fix this puppy up.

Almost 200,000 miles and still running strong (except for all the **** rust thats not in plain sight)!
I'm getting P1140 error as well. Just to be certain I have to order the one for the bottom on on the Engine front drivers side? The one show in the picture? The one above that one is the Crankshaft timing sensor?
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