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Does this setup look like it can take the place of the Ztube

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Go onto ebay and search 350z intake and jax racing comes up with this intake system. Does anyone who has a z tube think that this setup will take the place of the z tube? costs 73$ w S&H looks like polished stainless? Or maybe made of crap? worth it or get ztube?

any input? Item # 7912574742
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I'd stick with the Z-tube. Those polished tubes look flashy, but the plastic has much less heat soak. Also remember the Z-tube must be extended, so you're likely to experience the same with the metal tube and the result likely wouldn't look as nice as the solutions that are available to extend the Z-tube.
If you have the Stillen supercharger, why would you care about this?
It's an addiction. Every little bit helps. 8)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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