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DIY intake on the cheap (and it appears to work pretty well)

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For those considering one of the aftermarket intakes such as the JWT Popcharger or Stillen intake, check out this thread on first.

Loks easy to do, shows good gains and is cheap. No heat shield, though, but if you want one, you could either fab one or I think you can buy the JWT heat sheild separately (at least you used to be able to, since they didn't have one when the first came out).
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I was thinking of doing a DYI ram air also. I'm gonna start buying some materials this wk (Intake tube, Filter, etc..) and see what I can come up with.
would someone please be kind enough to post this pic. - i'm unable to access/view it , thank you.
You have to register with My350Z. If you haven't done it, I'd highly recommend it; there's a wealth of mod knowledge there. The pics on that thread don't appear to be showing up anymore, but here is another thread: ... adid=62838
Great stuff Mustgofastr!!Earlier today talking with Piniti-FX,I told him how the GN crew made stuff out of everything.At our big race,manufacturers walked the pits with cameras and took photos...6 months later the stuff was fabricasted and in their catalogue.Hopefully,I will be in Lancaster Saturday looking at fab some cats
guess i didn't realize it then, but there are some GREAT pics. of homemade "mod the mods" here / creativity out of frustration! - take a thorough lookie see.
What about this, anyone tried it? It looks ok but its cheap. ... gory=38634

That looks a lot like the short Injen with a diff filter
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