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I can feel the difference...nice sound ... i'm waiting on the new intake being designed by Grubbs...should be out in a month..just for the FX...They said that on there dyno days they didn't see any hp increase from the Z-tube and the pop I will wait..
The install on the plenum takes some time and there are some things that are not fully clear on the install directions.. But now that I did it no prob..If anyone has any questions or planning installing the plenum let me know.

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The pics that u need to download from the crawford site is pretty clear...but I had to call him on a few the 4 bolts that u need to screw in before putting on the crawford....also the top bolts are 2 different sizes...he never mentions I thought I had a short bolt..but no big deal...everything is running fine...
03' FX-35
how many people forgot to install the 4 bolts on the bottom half of the plenum.. in the instructions he only mentions using 2 bolts.
So its not a big deal but this could save time...y do it twice..
There were 4 bolts in the bag ..then 2 long bolts for the top of the plenum....y would anyone leave out the extra bolts...your suppose to use all the bolts I guess to seal up the many people forgot that..and the long bolts are 2 different sizes....he doesn't mention this at all.... for a min I thought I had a short bolt..
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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