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I can feel the difference...nice sound ... i'm waiting on the new intake being designed by Grubbs...should be out in a month..just for the FX...They said that on there dyno days they didn't see any hp increase from the Z-tube and the pop I will wait..
The install on the plenum takes some time and there are some things that are not fully clear on the install directions.. But now that I did it no prob..If anyone has any questions or planning installing the plenum let me know.

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i am wanting to get this too.....

did you submit your oem plenum for the core refund??

im not sure i wanna do that (am told the new plen. will work well with FI however)
MustGoFastR said:
I sent mine back with no regrets whatsoever. Unless you really want $200 sitting in your attic collecting dust forever, I'd recommend sending your core back. Trust me, you'll never have want for it again.
fancy this.......

as FI greatly increases intake pressure, wouldnt a smaller intake tract help to sustain a higher pressure volume???

-there i go again.... overthinking-
MustGoFastR said:
Well, this is one of those topics best researched on My350Z. The plenum design isn't nearly as critical when going FI, but there are centrifrugal blower owners running with the plenum and like it. There are also one or two plenum designs coming up that are geared specifically toward FI, so you may want to look around a bit first and ask the gurus over there.
making it so........



ps- thoughts on the fuji post would be nice........
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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