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Hello everyone, this cracking just started on my 2009 FX35 Sport (purchased new). It starts with a small hairline crack, then crack gets wider. Crack circles around (all) ac vents. It’s around left drivers vent, then jumps up across the front of top dash (above steering wheel) stops, then circles around middle vent and stops, starts again across the front of the gloves box (opening area) then is around right side AC vent, WTH!
Last week, I took it to the service manager at my Infiniti dealer. He said, it’s not an issue he’s ever seen (10+ years) at infinity. He insisted it’s not a known defect nor a warranty or recall issue!
It’s crazy, I’ve always parked in the garage. When outside in elements, I use a sun protector, reflective dash cover. Regardless, this isn’t cracked in ANY area that actually gets hit by the sun. It’s definitely a defect I could not do this!!

I’ve seen a few posts with this same dashboard cracking issue but not many. Please take a good look at your FX35 (2009) front dashboard. I’ll be calling the main Infiniti warranty department and would sure appreciate being able to show them it is a REAL issue and I’m not alone!

Please, please check yours and post your pictures on this thread.

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