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I had to change my rear pads recently and figured akebono pads in akebono calipers would be best so I got a set of these, rockauto lists them as "heavy duty"

couldn't for the life of me get them to stop squealing when cold, even with all my usual tricks (liberal application of brake grease, bedding process, etc)
I should note that these pads didn't come with any new hardware (spreader spring thingy, pins, cotter pins)
These are labelled as ceramic so I expected them to be fine, although they definitely look like they've got metal running through them.

out of desperation I ordered another set of these centric "daily driver" pads which did come with new pins, spring spreaders, and cotter pins.

installed yesterday, no noise happening yet.

I did note that it was very tough to put the pads in, had to tap them in with a hammer. My calipers are painted red (I think the previous owner had them painted) so maybe the extra paint is not giving them quite enough room to move. they don't appear to be dragging at all.

anyway, just a heads up on the pad squeal as it's super obnoxious
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