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Cleaning solution for LCD/Nav screen

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A good solution to cleaning your LCD/Nav screen is to purchase "PC and Electronics Cleaning Wipes" from your local Office Depot or Computer store. These contain a nice amount of alcohol which cuts through the smudges and buildup on your screen. No need to wipe off either for it quickly evaporates dry.
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For dusting screen, I use a makeup brush (with no make up :lol: )
I use one of those air cans for PCs to just blow all the dust away.
A soft microfiber towel does it for me.
My wife used a napkin from McD's. BAD IDEA!!! Now the screen has very fine scratches all over.
No smudges - I don't touch the screen. For dust I use a small horse hair detail brush to lightly whisk off the screen. It's quick and doesn't leave any scratches. A soft cotton cloth works also.
I use a Laptop LCD cleaning kit. This kit has a soft brush on one side for dusting and the other side a cleaning pad; you add a few drops of the cleaning solution (comes with kit) on the pad and it removes fingerprints and all.
I use it on my plasma,and all lcd's it does not drip no matter how much you spray, and it comes with a microfiber towel that says "Monster" ooooooooh!


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I use a premium window film cleaner/polish that I got when I had my ceramic window film installed. Comes out of on aerosol can and creates a foam, then I use a soft cloth and polish the screen. No scratches!!! :D
scotch tape.

I use this for my handheld devices and LCD screens (laptops) and it works like a charm on the NAV screen. Gets rid of fingerprints AND hard to reach dust.
I use Invisible Glass cleaner to clean my Nav display and instrument cluster. It is safe for clear plastics and window tint. Does a great job on my windshield and windows also.
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