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Dropped my FX off this afternoon for some work(oil change,new cross drilled rotors,and new pads on all 4's).My tech saw me pull in and walked over to see my/our car and chat about the planned work.Questions:
-How was the 2 degree advance...kicks on the 45 and 0.1-o.15 0-60 on a Fx35.Love it!!
-What wil the air fuel adjustment do?..Pre-set is 14.7(max power is 12.5).The adjustment removes short term adjustments and long term and resets to 14.7.It will creep back to where ever it was over time,if you have no other changes to the car..nothing permanent.
-What about the rev limiter?There is nothing in the scanII to adjust that.Wherever you can bump it to is limited in the original program...sorry!
I also left instructions not to disconnect the battery(which you would not for this work anyway)!
STB arrived,but supplier asked for sig of an adult..a little PO'd about that,will pick up at their hub tomorrow!
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