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Car Starter and Alarm systems

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Has anyone installed either of these?
If so, what make and what experiences have you had?
Any recommendations?

Thanx once again:)
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I have the Viper 791XV alarm/start with the GPS tracking on my FX45 Tech. Works excellent. I have also installed these on other FX's and I have also installed Audiovox remote starters on Fx's in my shop. No problems. Either would be great, even though I prefer the Viper or other DEI systems.
John, how much is that system installed? You can PM me the details. Thanks. :)
how does the remote feature work, exactly?

with the tech package, i dont understand how the I key can be functional anymore....


esemes said:
how does the remote feature work, exactly?

with the tech package, i dont understand how the I key can be functional anymore....


Well, with the Viper system, you have a remote that arms, disarms, and remote starts the car. We carry 2 remotes on our keychain: the Viper and the I-Key remote. The I key system still works, however the viper unlocks the doors when you disarm, so we don't use the door buttons. When you get in the car you can still start the FX by turning the key cylinder (provided you have the I-key remote with you). Or when it is remote started, you disarm, get in, and either put the mechanical key in and turn to on, or if you have the I-key, just turn the ign to on, step on the brake, and go. The I-key still can be used reguardless, but it won't disarm the Viper alarm.

I have also used the I-key remote for remote starting of the FX. I have done a couple for some on FA. You would hit LOCK-UNLOCK-LOCK then the FX starts. When you walk up to the car, use the button on the door to unlock and get in. Then turn the ign switch to on, step on the brake, and off you go. I wanted the alarm and 2-way confirmation, so I went for the extra setup.
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sounds great!!

i think......

SO, when the car is remote started, you STILL need to turn the ignition button/knob to 'acc' place??

if not, then what?? and, are the headlights/hvac system on ? (not sure they could be, without the 'acc' being active)

thanks again

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The headlights (if on auto) and the HVAC will be on when remote started, as long as they were on when you shut the car off. So you can leave the heat/AC/heated seats on. The remote start powers up the ign and acc circuits. When you get in the FX you need to have the key to "take over" the vehicle. Without it if you step on the brake, it will shut off to prevent some hooligan from driving away with your FX. When you have the key (or I-key), you get in and you either put the key in the cylinder or let the FX recognize the I-key, turn the ign switch to the run or on position (i forget the number labeled on it) then hit the brake. This shuts down the remote start but since you have the ign switch on, thje FX stays running, and you can drive away.
thanks john......

thas two things id like installed by you now.....

when do you want to visit sunny floridda???

course, it'd be a working vacation (at least partially)

kidding, right??? :roll: :wink:


ps- i still havent found a shop around that'd i would trust with ANY of this stuff..... the knowledge on install is so very model-spoecific, that im afraid i'll never get these goodies, regardless of their availability
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Too bad I'm not visiting Fla anytime soon. Would be glad to hook you up. Not unless you have any spare airline tix laying around :wink:

I would try to find a shop in your area that has MECP certified installers and that does high end cars like ours. The install is not overly difficult and is similar to other Infiniti vehicles. A competent installer should be able to do it. Tech info on the FX is available for DEI installers and I could even send the tech sheets to you if you needed them for your installer. I personally do not know any in your area that have done one. I don't blame you on being cautious of where you bring your FX.
johnmax said:
Too bad I'm not visiting Fla anytime soon. Would be glad to hook you up. Not unless you have any spare airline tix laying around :wink: ...................

well, there's an idea............. i couldnt afford 1st class, however....

johnmax you mention that you can rig the viper up to the I key, this would eliminate having to carry 2 key fobs, correct? and from what distance can you remote start your FX with the I key? isn't this limited as I key only works when you are close to car. can all of this be done with the viper 560xv as we really don't need the cool factor of 2-way ? thanks.
You couldnt hook up a 560xv to the I-key. It would have to be an "upgrade style" system. If you wanted remote start and security, there would be two units that would need to be installed. They would work off of the lock/unlock buttons on the I-key remote, not being near the car and using the smart entry buttons on the door handles. It would work as far away as your I-key remote works, which is usually about up to 100 ft. You would have to use the Hornet 700T for the upgrade alarm, and a Valet 561T for remote start. Both are made by DEI who makes Viper. Lock and unlock on the I-key remote would arm and disarm. To remote start, you'd hit lock-lock-lock. Youd probably want to turn off the "lock with remote " horn or beep confirmation in the tech menu.

Or you can do it like I do and carry the 2 remotes on the keychain- the I-key and the 790xv 2way remote. A little bulky, but alot less of a hassle, more range, 2way features, easier install, and probably a little cheaper.
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thanks, so if i want the best of the best - i need to use and have the I key and 560 or 791xv and be happy. put the fobs in my pocket where the money used to be before buying the sweet FX and fuel to operate it. life is good! thanks 'gain
now wait a minute, I think i'm very confused. with I key in pocket and next to car I'm able to push button on door handle, gain entry and start car . great! / Now from in house or about 100-150 ft. away the I key will lock or unlock doors and panic also. - so if it can do these operations, why can't the viper 560xl system be rigged up to the I key fob as it also has the same buttons as the viper 560xl key fob has? If you understand this, please unconfuse me as somehow I would like to have everthing the I key offers plus the benefit of remote start from 100 - 150 feet away and good security. thanks again for your patience , as we just got our FX yesterday. copper 'n chrome never looked so good!
The 560 doesn't have arm/disarm inputs. It only arms/disarms with its remote. And you can't code the I-key remote into the Viper- different frequencies and coding. You need a system that has arm/disarm inputs and is made to work off an existing remote. Your best bet would be the Hornet 700t and the Valet 561t remote start. They would work as you are describing.
different frequencies? is that what xhf vs. fsk means on the viper brochure? 591xv and 791xv have fsk where as 160xv and 560xv have xhf. - if not, looks like I'll have to do what you stated earlier, carry 2 key fobs - the I key and either the 791xv like you do or the 560xv which is even smaller than the 550esp i have on our odyssey van. by the way can the remote start for our ody (550esp) key fob be tied in with the newer 560xv somehow? just a thought.
Exactly. The FSK is a newer frequency for the DEI line. Its supposed to give you more range. As far as your 550ESP, you can probably code an extra channel of your 560xv to control your remote start on your Odyssey. I believe they can be coded together.
so as a pro. installer (and not a salesperson) would you rec. me add the 560xv or the 791xv ? out here it's only about $100 installed difference, except 560 fob is smaller and you get 2 of them, 791 allows 2-way but you only get 1 fob!
I'd go with the 791xv. The 2-way is well worth it. You can start the FX and know its started by looking at the remote. No more guessing if you are a little bit away. Also the remote will beep or vibrate when the car is being broken into. You can add a non 2-way remote for the 790 for about $40 too. The range on the 791xv is the best DEI has too.
so then the wife gets the cool 2-way and i get the not so cool non-2-way for $40 more - prob.solved / thanks. - can the 791 work with the 550 in our ody. and visa-vera? / wow, after all this she just asked me other than remote start, why do we need an alarm anyhow - the book says fx comes with and immobilizer too ? duh, i dunno hon, i'm fried and wired out , maybe you can answer this. yeah, anyway!
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