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CAPs or not

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Do we want the sticker in all CAPS or like it is in the picture?
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looks good, but i think i like the all caps more. if its not too expensive, can you make one all caps and take pics for comparison?

either way, im interested in getting one.
So, did everyone decide against the sticker? Or do people still one them?

According to this pol, all CAPS seems to be the choice, and from the other post a little smaller is also suggested.

If I get a couple printed up in all CAPS and ~5-6" long vs. 8" long how does that sound?

I still want to take a pic of the whole car showing the sticker's size relative to the whole thing.
i would like to have one of your originals as well as maybe one of the new versions

i applaud your resilience on this issue for sure....

in keeping with the cars' "all caps" badging, i say we go that route with the site sticker.......

it should make the decal appear more oem, and integrated to the design, IMO

im down for a pair, provided the height and width are minimal (im not keen on making them legible, but moreso jus visible....)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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