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After pampering and upgrading my fx for the last couple of weeks. The fx decides to start sputtering on me while on the way to getting new tires.

At first, it seemed like the sparkplugs were mis-firing, but then the fx would continue on the road. and then suddenly shut itself off. i would soon have to pull over to the side to put her back in park. and then restart. after getting the new tires installed. while on the way over to buddies shop for an oil change, the same thing happpened again and i noticed the vehicle displayed "VDC OFF", "SLIP", and "SERVICE ENGINE SOON". While at the shop my buddy ran the computer diagnostic which came up with a code that read - Camshaft position Sensor-

I got a quote from the dealership - $71.23
i was happy to get the part # from the SA - 237316J906

i just checked - $53.20

Would anybody happen to know how to replace this thing. ohh...
labor itself is $217.00 at the dealership.

any advice would be helpful and appriciated.
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changed the sensor today and all is good finaly, had to wait for a week for the part, +2 seems to make a diference, now have spacers ready , H&R springs comming in a few weeks i hope. love this forum.
I'm pissed At 111,000 on my FX03 I just got hit by the Camshaft Pos Sensor issue. I was picking up the kids on Sunday after a weekend with the grandparents and the car would not start after continously cranking it the car finally turned over and would run fairly okay but just hard to start. The earliest the dealership got me in to pull the code was thursday (P0345-B2) needless to say I just got gouged at the stealership they charged $112 just for the part. Lesson learned otherwise I would've ordered at Infiniti Parts and replaced myself. Just curious is there a diagram showing how to replace the sensor or it's location?? The car difinitely rides alot better luckily I didn't have the random cutoff issue just hard to start. The funny thing about it is once I gave them the go ahead to replace they litterally called back 20 mins later stating it was fixed :oops:
Interesting thread... can't wait for my turn. :roll:
It seems like these are going bad between 110,000 and 175,000 miles. Not too bad if it only happens that rarely.
I think I just got hit by this! Exact same symptoms.... When trying to reset the ECU I get code 34 (3 fast blinks followed by 4 fast blinks). I assume this is the P0340... right?

Now I have to figure out what I need to do... stealer or it myself. I just don't know how to determine which one went out. I have the FX45 and seems like there is no clear indicator as in which CAMSHAFT/CRANKSHAFT sensor went out (from reading the posts).
I think my fx45 is suffering from this same problem. I was driving yesterday and all of a sudden my car stalled and it took a few seconds before i could accelerate. The service engine light, slip and vdc light turned on. I was able to get it home without it shutting off but once i did turn it off, i couldnt restart it for about 10 minutes. Im taking it to the dealer today...i will keep you posted on the outcome. 8)
Just ran into this exact issue today. I got the 0340 code. Can anyone tell me where to find the sensor on the engine. I am fairly good with doing my own things as long as i have the proper tools. Where do I find the bank 1 sensor and is there a lot of stuff i need to remove to get to it?

- Ken
kenju4u said:
Where do I find the bank 1 sensor and is there a lot of stuff i need to remove to get to it?
Did you do another search for CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR? Or maybe delete some of those words? I remember seeing a thread that had diagrams pointing out where the sensor was but it's not this one apparently...
Yeah didn't find any such post. I found a few posts but nothing that showed diagrams or actual pictures and instructions. Maybe a good post to create if someone does it themselves in the future.

I was able to find the bank 1 sensor on the engine after taking the engine cover off. Its on the passenger side behind the engine near the firewall. Its didn't seem like a hard thing to replace but the manual said to get to it, valve cover had to be removed, not sure why. Also the bank 2 which is on the driver side is much harder to get to. I think the throttle has to be removed for that. Manual also mentioned gaskets/seals had to be replaced so I didn't bother doing the job myself. I took it to the Greenwich, CT dealer. Technician told me I should replace both even if only one is bad cause then one might run better then the other and I might still not get the same performance from the engine.

Car seems to be running smoother, I am making a long trip in a week or so, so I'll find out if I see a performance/gas mileage increase.

- Ken
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I know Dallace had to do both, but his was a 45 so his posts may not help much. I coulda swore we had more camshaft sensor topics.
Quick question. Does the car run a bit more tamed after resetting the ecu?
johnmax said:
I know Dallace had to do both, but his was a 45 so his posts may not help much. I coulda swore we had more camshaft sensor topics.
Me too... I remember seeing a diagram that showed where 1 and 2 were... and the OP originally only replaced 1 but then had to replace the 2nd one later and then his problems were fixed...
Good to know.
This forum helped me a great deal so i feel obligated to give my feedback. I too was having the same symptoms as everyone else on my fx35 05', all 3 lights would turn on and the car would eventually shut down on me. Went to autozone and they read me the error code for free. The code came back with camshaft bank1. So i order a new sensor and gave it a shot. It took me about 7 hours to get it done but worth while. It's tough to reach the sensor so in order to so so i used a 12pt deep 10mm socket to first remove the screw that holds the sensor in place. Once the sensor was out i removed the clip which was also a mission since i did not know how to remove it. i finally figured out that on the under side of the sensor, all you have to do is push a slide button and it simply ejects itself from the sensor. If i knew this ahead of time it would have taken me minutes to do the whole process. Also note that before doing all this i disconnected the battery (i don't trust electricity). To put back the sensor just reverse the process and make sure you don't get the new sensor dirty or bang it in any way. Also, if i would have known how easy it was to remove the clip from the sensor, i would have done this first and then remove the sensor itself. After installing the new sensor and plugginf the battery back, the car ran smooth and all 3 lights went away. Here's a pic of what it looks like from my end. Hope this helps.


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So to make a long story short, car stalled out last night on my way home from work, and the SES, VDC and SLIP lights all stayed on after re-start. Seemed to drive fine the rest of the way. Got home and got on the forum and found this post. Started up this morning and only the SES light was on, but stalled out again on the way to Autozone. Anyway, got the code pulled at Autozone, P0340 - Bank 1. The question I have is can someone confirm Bank 1 is the right/passenger side and Bank 2 is the left/driver side? The sensors are different shape and on Infinitipartsusa they are differentiated by left or right. Thanks.
Did a little more reading and research and Bank 1 is on the passenger side, Bank 2 is on the driver side. Picture in earlier post has Bank 1 labeled on the drivers side. Anyway, part is on order from Infinitipartsusa.
Let us know how the fix goes... GL!
Part came in on Friday, but was out of town over the weekend until late last night. Was going to tackle this tonight, but oddly enough, the service engine soon light did not stay on this morning. Car sat in the garage from Friday morning until early this morning, so not sure what to think now. Had no issues driving to work this morning. Car stalled 4 times in two days, but has not stalled since last Wednesday.
edub said:
Car stalled 4 times in two days, but has not stalled since last Wednesday.
Same thing usually happens with the door actuators... get the part in and everything works again... sell the part off and you'll need it the next day of course...
Well after little more than 1 month, the FX stalled out on me again late last week, prompting the engine light, along with the VDC and slip lights to come back on. Had the code pulled again, same P0340 code. Since I needed an oil change anyway, I just had my local shop replace the sensor (I already had the part, charged me $40 for labor). Two days of driving, hasn't stalled yet. Seems to be driving great now.
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