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After pampering and upgrading my fx for the last couple of weeks. The fx decides to start sputtering on me while on the way to getting new tires.

At first, it seemed like the sparkplugs were mis-firing, but then the fx would continue on the road. and then suddenly shut itself off. i would soon have to pull over to the side to put her back in park. and then restart. after getting the new tires installed. while on the way over to buddies shop for an oil change, the same thing happpened again and i noticed the vehicle displayed "VDC OFF", "SLIP", and "SERVICE ENGINE SOON". While at the shop my buddy ran the computer diagnostic which came up with a code that read - Camshaft position Sensor-

I got a quote from the dealership - $71.23
i was happy to get the part # from the SA - 237316J906

i just checked - $53.20

Would anybody happen to know how to replace this thing. ohh...
labor itself is $217.00 at the dealership.

any advice would be helpful and appriciated.
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I'm very surprised that the car shut off. It should have gone into safe mode or ran crappy off the crank postion sensor phich is the primary one. Oh well good luck with the install.
captj3 said:
I'm very surprised that the car shut off. It should have gone into safe mode or ran crappy off the crank postion sensor phich is the primary one. Oh well good luck with the install.
I'm pretty sure this is the 3rd FX that I've heard of that had a problem with the camshaft area... and all of them displayed the same symptoms... even the engine shutting off while driving... if I knew I had this problem with one of my cars, I would NOT be driving it until it was repaired... too dangerous...
a friend of mine has an 2001 Infiniti I30 and it's showing the "slip / service engine soon / tcs off " lights. guess I'll point him to this similar diagnostic. great info! and hopefully saves him the time.
captj3 said:
If you are fairly handy with working on your car the job is not to hard. The hard part is getting to it. It comes out with a 10mmsocket to remove the bolt and you have to unplug the sensor. It is located at the back of the engine on top of the valve cover. Be careful with it don't bang or drop it. I'm surprised it went bad usually it's the crank angle sensor that has problems.Did you erase the code to see if it came back?
Replace the CamShaft Sensor yesterday and everything is running fine now.
It was a little difficult to find and get to but got it done eventually.
Had to remove Intake holes, Throttle body and some holes to get to the sensor but it wasn't that bad.
The hardiest part was figuring out how to remove the sensor from the Clip.. :lol: didn't want to force and break anything, after 20+ mins of scratching my head finally got it out. It was so simple to get it out, just squeeze the release with a needle nose and it pop right out. :roll:
Drove 30 Mins home yesterday and drove to work today and everything is WELL....

Thank you ALL for your HELP. I love this forum, everyone is so helpful.
Glad everything worked out.
Great! You have a part number so when someone sees this thread in the future with the same problem they will know what to get.
Yeah... glad it worked out for you... also, let us know how it's going 1-2 months later as this is one of those weird problems that might creep up again later... it'd be nice to know if you're still trouble free after 1-2 months...
I've got this same issue and confirmed the codes at Autozone. Where did you get the sensor and how much did you pay? It looks like it is hard to reach but I think I'll give it a shot? has the sensors for $57. I don't know what model or year you are but here is one for the 05 FX35: ... atalogid=0
You can get them at any infiniti or nissan dealer. It's a dealer part only. You have to know which sensor it is cam which side or crank. Each one has a different shape.
(Yes I know this thread is old!)

Add our FX45 @ 175K miles. Camshaft Position Sensor (OBD2 P0340). Just stranded my wife on the highway. Went out and met her, started the car, and drove it to Advanced to get the code. Car made it home fine.

Guess I'll have some unscheduled work to do this weekend. Think I'm gonna replace both sides at the same time so i don't have to get back in there for another 175k miles :)


Apparently FX45's do not have a Bank 2 code, so there is no way to tell which side has gone bad, P0340 will be thrown for either side (this comes from an Infiniti service guy). Since I'm still getting the code, I'm going to put the old one back in and move the new one over to the other side (the physical bank 2) and see what happens... PITA.
Wow youre at 175k already?
johnmax said:
Wow youre at 175k already?
175,800 actually :p
So, as a (hopefully) final entry in my P0340 saga...

After replacing both upper CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSORS and having the car still throw the code/shut down. I replaced the CRANKSHAFT sensor that is located on the bell housing of the transmission. This is something that should ideally throw it's own code of P0335, but I was still getting P0340, and the symptoms stayed exactly the same.

One thing I just by dumb luck noticed was that there appeared to be another magnetic sensor on the front of the engine below the driver's side CAMSHAFT sensor. Further investigating turns up the same sensor that was used in the CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR location. So I took the old CPS and move it there...

Car has been running fine since.

<rant try at your own risk... I was too chicken to try>
I also truly believe all these sensors are all the same. However for whatever reason they charge $100 bux each for the CAMSHAFT sensors and only $30 bux each for the CRANKSHAFT sensors. The CRANK connector mounts at a 90° angle from the CAMSHAFT one, but in each location it doesn't seem like it would affect or prevent you from using one of the others.
</rant try at your own risk... I was too chicken to try>

If you've seen any of these, other than the angle of the connector, they all look the same...

Oh well, just FYI P0340 can be either of the two CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSORS or the front CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR located on the front of the engine below the drivers side CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR. (It uses a different connector style, which is the same as the other CRANKSHAFT sensor on the bell housing)

Hope this helps someone.
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The sensors on the top are timing chain sensors. The sensor on the front is the camshaft position sensor. There are six different ones that were installed on the FX45 2003 -2010. The parts guy at Infinity Orland Park told me this. I have a 2003 and he said they changed the part # in that year twice. I had a internet dealer send me one form a FX35 crankshaft, and it is throwing the P0335 code. It did not fit the connector, either.

Be careful of what you put in. the prices are quite different, too.

I have 100,880 miles and mine just quit on the Indiana Toll Road. I removed the battery cable and was able to get it restarted after a few tries.

The shop manual has 1400 pages in Adobe on just the electrical sensors.

I am not a mechanic. I am a IBEW electrician with a Fluke meter and a scanner. With 36 years in the trade I think I have the problem fixed. Part coming from Chicago today. If the part has 12 volts and a ground at the connector, I'm pretty sure it's the 4-7 volt signal back to the computer. I thought the same thing.......they all look the same. I do not think they are. The resistance values are different across the three pins.
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That's odd,

I only have access to a fairly cheap digital multimeter, and all of them I measured (front-top, front-bottom and back-bottom) all read the same (within a few ohms). That's both good and bad ones. The only ones I got a measurment on was betwen pin's 2-3 any other combo netted infinity on my meter

The funny (and not haha) part is that the dealer specifically told me to change the one in the bell housing, not saying anything about the front-bottom one.

Maybe one day when I'm bored I'll cut open one of each and see whats inside...

We're about two weeks I guess into the final fix w/o any additional problems.
dudetek said:
The sensors on the top are timing chain sensors. The sensor on the front is the camshaft position sensor. There are six different ones that were installed on the FX45 2003 -2010.
But can you order "timing chain sensors" because looking these up, they appear to be called camshaft position sensors @ $100 each from the dealer. The lower front one matches the bell housing one exactly and I'm still running the one I took out of the bell housing in the lower front sensor location w/o issues.
+1 on the crankshaft position sensor

Day before yesterday the engine started running rough and cut out twice. The engine would hesitate at 1500 rpm and 4500+ rpm for my fx45 with 125k miles. I thought it may be a fouled up spark plug or a bad spark plug boot.

After the engine cut out, went to pep boys and pulled the code 0335. Had it replaced at pep boys for $32 for the sensor and $70 for the labor.

Here's a link to the part, you should be able to find it for as little as $20 on amazon. ... ENSAMS___# ... B000BZA4OQ

The cars been running smooth ever since. I think it must've been degrading for awhile, because i'm almost 100% sure the car is running better than the past few months.

I'm glad i didn't take it to the stealer.
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last week had this problem, i have a 35 with 68000m , was running it all day in the heat and sun , then it cut out a few times , had a diagnostic and P0340 came up , then delited it from the memory, same story after, so made an oil change and the air filter. every thing seems fine for now , so had the diagnostic done again, same as before delited the mistakes and pushed it a few times today, so far every thing seems fine, but the hot tempreture has droped by about 10 celsius from 34 c.
hopefully it has gone away , cuz the 0340 code doesnt realy specify the problem , it could be a number of things..
after driving for a week or so with no problems , the cut out and the service engine soon came back, the air temp was hi again around 34 c. so went to the dealer. they told me this could be just a cloged up air dizl which regulates the air flow, so when it get hot outside the engine doesnt get the needed air, so some carb cleaner and reseting the flapy air dizl should fix the problem i hope. will c on monday.
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