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CAI finally Installed on my FX45!!

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finally got my CAI installed this weekend I got from esemes. it sounds great - nice growl.

i'll be putting pictures up soon.

esemes, have a question about the small bracket with the angle on it - didn't know where to put it. once i get the pictures up, let me know if everything looks like it's correct - it was pretty straight forward to get it on.

results as far as MPG look good.

before CAI - drove 125 miles pulling a trailer w/ my motorcycle and averaged 14.7 MPG

after CAI - drove the same 125 miles home w/ same load and averaged 16.2MPG

not too shabby. throttle response does seem quicker.
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bet you all forgot about where this went?
This is the Paddock!
yep, prototype 1, now he's on to wrx land, seeya!
ok, so he went from the fx to the g35 and then to the wrx?
yeah, so that means the only 45er who got the bxx, CATS. enough to stick it out through the mod. process is that guy above, whatshisname?
U R one crazy MF!

What s the count...I need to watch tv for my nightly fix
me and dawn were playin' solitare, she's one loyal gal, you know who was a no show, and MF must mean Micro Fiber, yep - great towels, esp. those WW!
Yes,micro fiber came to mind!!! :twisted:
i think Shaft use to use them too, back in the day - he was one baaad M F... kinda guy!
I got it from esemes - he was working with them pretty closely. I think it works great after a few of his mods and a couple of screws here and there to hold it tight.

i'll try to upload those pics i took to a host.

sucks that they aren't making it anymore. doesn't look like it took a great amount of work to do it.
see what happens when you DIG in the right places at the right time! CAI for all 45ers by ........ (hey jug, you & Clay gotta pm or talk to each other) * Here's the old pics. for You 45 Guys
Yes! Been to Paddock and have one on order..waiting for their mandrel bender to get right!
please help ...
getting a 45 in 2 weeks - where did u buy ur CAI - thanks !
Go to
this is something I had fabricated after the slip in KN...a step beyond,but in concert with other mods
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