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To those that know more,
Hello! Have a few questions for the electrical Guros here.
1.) Does HID mean that any HID brand or type (i.e.) 9500, D2R, or D2S, is interchangable/swappable as long as wattage remains constant?
2.) Since FX35 has HID, does that means that we simply change bulb and no other modifications is needed?
3.) Does anyone know alternate names for the FX bulbs i.e. T20, T10, HB4, and T16???

This is what I have found:
T20 is also called 7440/7443
T10 is also called 194
HB4 is also called 9006
T16 is also called W2

Can anyone verify this information and answer the top 3 questions? Would be so greatful!!!
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